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At Vicenza Community Club, partnering with community groups, private organizations and garrison support agencies maximizes the support we provide the Vicenza Military Community.  The VCC has supported and organized many events benefiting our community.  Through our combined efforts we are raising morale and increasing the quality of joint events for the VMC. Learn more about the positive impact we have and join us in bringing about positive experiences for the community.

Community Partnerships: Welcome


Whether the VCC is hosting an event or partnering with another organization, we do our best to provide meaningful and impactful experiences for the members of the Vicenza Military Community.

Over the last two years we have hosted events like Sign Up and Yellow Ribbon where partnerships with organizations enabled us to host fun and informative events.

The VCC has also donated resources and time to support other organizations like the ACS and USO in the many programs and events they hold for the community.

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The VCC has partnered with many community groups, private organizations and garrison support agencies on the USAG Caserma Ederle.  Organizations include ACS, CYS, MWR, PTSA, RSO, USO, VES, VMS, VHS, School Liaison, medical clinic, Red Cross, BOSS, Outdoor Rec, Ederle Art Center, FRGs, Library, Ed Center, SHARP, CWOC, PWOC, Glace Church, VWOC, VFW, SOTAWOA, MOMS Club, Women Who Wine, Sgt Morales Club, Vicenza Talents & Creatives, Vicenza Green Thumbs, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, Club Beyond, and the Vicenza Hockey Club.

If your organization would like more information on how you can partner with the VCC for an upcoming event, please contact us at the link below.

Community Partnerships: Programs
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